True Value Of Usability Or How To Calculate ROI Of UI/UX Design

How To Measure ROI of UX?

Google HEART

  • the goal is what you need to get
  • the signal is what points out to success or failure
  • the metric is a quantitative measurement of a signal


  1. I intend to use the system regularly
  2. I think the system is too complicated
  3. I find the system is simple to use
  4. I think I need external tech help to figure out how to use the system
  5. I admit all system functions are well integrated
  6. I think the system is rather inconsistent
  7. I believe the users will quickly find out how to use the system
  8. I faced many difficulties while using the system
  9. I did not doubt how to use the system
  10. I had to study extra information before I understood how to use the system
Measure UI/UX design with SUS approach


Measure UI/UX with NPS approach
  • more than 50, things are going well, but you still can’t relax
  • from 30 to 50, everything’s not bad, but it can be better
  • less than 30, it is a reason to think about some improvements
  • less than 0, it is time to take action urgently

How UI/UX design affects business value. Design value by McKinsey

  1. Analytical leadership. Calculating design metrics is as rigorous and regular as calculating financial metrics.
  2. Cross-functionality. Human-centricity becomes the responsibility of all employees, not just one department.
  3. Continuous iteration. Ongoing communication with the end-user to validate, test, and improve ideas.
  4. User experience. Any project starts with the user and aims to create a seamless customer experience.
Design value by McKinsey

When To Evaluate Design Value?



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