How to Develop Your E-commerce Strategy for the Netherlands

E-commerce in the Netherlands

  • Logistics ranking
  • Average revenue per shopper
  • Total market revenue
  • Percentage of the population shopping online
  • Number of online shoppers
  • Percentage of cross-border shoppers
  • Number of cross-border shoppers
  • CAGR 2018–2022
E-commerce in the Netherlands in figures

What makes the Dutch market unique?

State of online shopping in the Netherlands

Developing your e-commerce strategy

The importance of user experience

  • making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for
  • providing clear and concise product information
  • ensuring a smooth and easy checkout process
  • allowing to pay and request a refund online
  • offering quality customer service
UI/UX design by Softensy

Tips for success

Do your research

Make it personal

Cater to Dutch love of quality

  • chatbots for timely 24/7 responses
  • AI/ML technologies for more personalized offers
  • logistics software for routes management
  • CRM for differentiating marketing strategies
  • VR/AR for enhanced UX

Get involved in the community

Stay up to date with regulations

The future of e-commerce in the Netherlands



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