Fintech in the Netherlands: Trends and Startup Ideas [with real-world fintech use case included]

Continued rise of digital banking

Growth of e-commerce payments

Shoppers in the Netherlands willingly pay with credit cards

Bigger adoption of data analytics

Increased use of artificial intelligence

Evaluating risks with AI technologies

Rise of blockchain

Growth of mobile payments

Rise of peer-to-peer lending

P2P lending is a growing fintech trend in the Netherlands

Great government support

  • Allowing startups to operate under a special one-year residence permit with an opportunity to extend it for a longer period
  • Setting up a regulatory sandbox that allows an extensive process of knowledge sharing between companies and regulators
  • Providing several types of government funding opportunities for startups
  • Offering tax breaks to startups
  • Investing in innovation hubs and accelerators

Developing software for fintech startup: Softensy expertise

Operation scheme of KOSHT by Softensy
Online payment with KOSHT by Softensy




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