E-commerce App Development in 2022: What Features a Modern Retail App Should Have

Single-step registration

App registration page, source: Dribbble

Multiple payment options

Source: Dribbble

Easy returns

  • When a user confirms the purchase, funds are withdrawn from the user’s account and credited to the merchant’s account.
  • When a user returns goods, the funds are withdrawn from the merchant’s account and credited back to the user’s account.
  • When a user confirms the purchase, the transaction gets authorized, but the funds are not actually withdrawn from the buyer’s account.
  • If the user cancels the purchase or some technical problems occur, the sale is prevented. Soon after, the funds are credited back to the merchant’s account.

Personalized user experience

Personalized offers in an e-commerce app

Human&robotic customer support

Chatbot support in an app, source: Chatbot.com

Offline mode

Multiple shipping options

Shipping options in an app, source: Balbooa.com

Augmented reality

Augmented reality in Amazon’s mobile app

Developing e-commerce app in 2022



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