Brochure Website: Useless Idea or Easy Business Start?

What Is a Brochure Website?

  • Home page
  • About us page
  • Catalog
  • Blog
  • Contacts
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Who Needs Brochure Website?

  • retail
  • wholesale
  • cafes / restaurants
  • legal services
  • beauty salons
  • hospitals
  • consulting
  • etc
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  • suggest texts (or describe what they should be about)
  • provide live pictures of products, the process of their production (if it is relevant), the provision of services and received results, etc.
  • post photos of employees, office, moments of corporate life
  • add useful links, tips, articles
  • embed media files content

Brochure Website Advantages

  • an extra way to tell about your product
  • a chance to make a good first impression on customers who first finds you online
  • low to no efforts from your side to support the website
  • an opportunity to increase ROI even without online sales

Brochure Website Disadvantages

Is It Possible To Fulfill Brochure Website With Advanced Features In Future?

  1. User account. Here the customer can fill in personal information, delivery address, and link a credit card.
  2. Shopping cart. This is where the customers will put the items they want to buy.
  3. Online payment. This allows customers to pay for goods and services directly on the website page. To implement such a function, you need to integrate a payment gateway.
eCommerce website example

How Much Does Brochure Website Cost?



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